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Why Blake Lively’s Hairstylist Recommends Changing Your Shampoo Depending on the Season

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)

Ever since Blake Lively popped up onto our tv screens (and into our beauty-obsessed hearts), followers have coveted the secrets and techniques to her perpetually shiny golden-blonde locks. Well, due to the 30-year-old actress’s hairstylist, Rod Ortega, we is perhaps a bit nearer to Serena van der Woodsen-level hair. (And the secret is as straightforward as a fast shampoo switcheroo.)

In an interview with W journal, revealed that one among his number-one tricks to purchasers is to modify their shampoos primarily based on the season. To fight solar harm in the summer season, Ortega recommends moisturizing shampoo to make sure your locks are hydrated and wholesome. For the winter, he touts volumizing shampoos as a consequence of individuals’s tendencies to put on hats like heat beanies that flatten hair.

“It’s always good to switch off shampoos every once in awhile,” Ortega mentioned. “You may do a volumizing shampoo in the winter since you is perhaps sporting a variety of hats, or a pleasant moisturizing, hydrating shampoo throughout the summer season as a result of there’s extra solar.

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As for his reply to the age-old query of how a lot you must truly shampoo your hair, Ortega advised W that it actually relies upon on your physique chemistry. For some, each different day is greatest, whereas others can go for each three days. Though, irrespective of how a lot you shampoo your hair, he praises second-day hair as the greatest day on your tresses.

“I would say every other day but it depends on your body chemistry,” he mentioned. “If you produce a lot of oil, then it would be more frequent. But second-day hair is always the best. You could also go three days and put dry shampoo at the roots.”

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We all the time knew that it’s pertinent to modify up your skincare routine in the winter, however we by no means thought of our hair. Thanks, Lively and Ortega for looking.

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