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Tips to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Rose Gold Blonde

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2017)


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Absolutely unbeknownst to me, Kylie Jenner dyed her Hair Rose Gold blonde ultimate week, and that i did the equal factor on the equal day. due to the fact i was sitting in the chair for four hours upgrading my hair and unplugged from the world. I did not recognise the Instagram darling had the equal concept. I can’t say i’m surprised, though — rose gold blonde is the It coloration this season. whilst Kate Reid changed into whipping my hair into shape at the big apple’s Salon V. she told me how a good deal she cherished this unique colour and gave me a few pointers for what you must realize earlier than you decide to this stunning coloration. if you’re considering attempting rose gold blond, keep reading to get the lowdown on this popular color.

It actually is the colour of the season

While Kate sat me right down to do my hair, I advised her she may want to do whatever color she wanted. “let’s do something fun,” I told her. She pulled out her phone and confirmed me a current image shoot she’d done in Prague wherein she’d long past with a rosy red color that she couldn’t forestall considering and wanted to do once more. for that reason, my rose gold blonde hair changed into born and that i joined the growing group of women with this contemporary hue.

It’s the multiplied manner to do rainbow hair

My hair is purple. it’s no longer in-your-face purple, however it’s far nevertheless purple. in my view, rose gold blonde is the subtle solution to the rainbow hair fashion. because of my freshly bleached roots, the colour took a deeper tint there and faded into an ombré. My ends are more of a dusty blonde with barely any crimson to be observed, and i really like it. i will absolutely participate inside the rainbow trend in an elevated and more traditional manner than the neon crimson I donned two years ago.

It takes preservation

The pastel color that Kate used on my hair became virtually a mix of Kevin Murphy colour. Me toners. Kate made a rose gold coloration out of purple and smooth copper with platinum blonde. She first bleached my roots, even though, with the coloration.Me Cream Lightener from the identical logo, and one of the first things I stated to her while she got to work become that i was surprised at how a good deal my scalp wasn’t burning. i have sat thru numerous bleaching and had a sore scalp to reveal for it, but no longer with this one. Kate stated it become because this lightener is made to be extremely mild on the scalp. That simple truth makes the need of normal salon appointments to hold the rose gold blonde colour a little friendlier in your head. because yes, the rose gold blonde colour will fade fairly fast. With washing my hair about each three days, Kate advised me i will expect my shade to remaining about four weeks.

while you have got your shade, although, it’s critical to take care of it. the usage of the All approximately You app by way of Kevin Murphy, i was capable of answer a few short questions about my hair to discover which products are best for it. I already knew I have to be the usage of red shampoo on my blonde hair and do, so I wasn’t amazed to locate the Blonde Angel remedy as a recommendation. Kate additionally helped me land at the Angel Wash and Angel Rinse to preserve my hair hydrated and glad. additionally, the Kevin Murphy merchandise just odor delicious, and i can not be mad at smelling like citrusy baked items all day.

It’s going to enhance your skin tone

Like Tamara DeFelice stated already, this colour will “intensify the peach and gold tones in girls with hotter pores and skin tones.” Kate agreed  and said she want to see a massive difference in my skin tone after my hair became finished. The skin on my face looked warmer and more healthy, just due to the color of my hair.

All people’s going to be enthusiastic about your hair

In the 24 hours following my new dye activity, I think as a minimum 10 human beings told me how epic my hair turned into. a lot of them have said they desire they may do crimson hair, however definitely, the rose gold blonde colour is the best path to go in case you’re hesitant approximately attempting the rainbow hair trend. it is diffused but beautiful and definitely conceivable. I assume this is one shade that i’ll maintain round for a while.



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