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"Text Back" Anxiety Is Real — Here's How To Fix It

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

“So do you want to grab a drink next weekend?”

You fireplace off the textual content message, flip your cellphone over so you possibly can’t watch the display obsessively, and wait. Five minutes goes by with out your cellphone buzzing. Your coronary heart fee begins to extend as you think about all the doable situations to clarify why you are not getting a textual content again. Did you come on too sturdy? Did you misread their flirty banter? Do they really, completely hate your guts?

Finally, your cellphone buzzes, and candy reduction washes over you. You flip over your cellphone, however your coronary heart sinks. It’s solely your mom texting you to remind you to want your grandmother a cheerful birthday at present. And you are again to sq. one — anxiously freaking out as a result of your textual content message has gone unanswered.

This exhausting dance is one that the majority anybody with a cellular phone and an energetic social life has gone suffered via via no less than as soon as of their lives. “It’s a particular kind of suspense anxiety,” says Brandy Engler, PsyD, a scientific psychologist. “And I’ve watched it drive my purchasers loopy.

A whole lot of it has to do with our want to micromanage different folks’s timelines. “We determine that since we’re somebody who would textual content again instantly, that everybody else ought to, too,” says Kelley Kitley, LCSW, a clinical psychologist. “But it isn’t one thing we are able to change about one other individual. People comply with their very own timelines with regards to these items.”

But it is easy to show these unfavorable, anxious emotions round. First, take away your ego from the equation. “That’s the place numerous the nervousness comes from,” Engler says. “The ego is what will get you saying issues like, ‘Oh, they did not textual content again as a result of they did not like me.’ In actuality, the explanation they don’t seem to be texting again may don’t have anything to do with you.” She says that by removing yourself and your actions as a factor in why they’re not texting back, you’ll cut through your anxiety. “The time period ‘leaping to conclusions’ is utilized in cognitive distortion, that means that we create these tales in our minds that may not have something to do with actuality,” Kitley says.

If you are able to do that, then you may additionally have the ability to discover the thrill that is buried within the nervousness and lean into it. “If you’re taking nervousness down just a few notches, you are likely to have pleasure,” Engler says. “Ideally, that is what you need out of the relationship expertise, for it to be thrilling and enjoyable.” It’s all about how you structure the waiting. Remember what it was like when you were little, and you had to wait for Christmas morning or your birthday? That was positive waiting — it made you eager for what was to come without having you jump to negative outcomes. “There is uncertainty, and there’s suspense,” Engler says. “If you embrace that in a approach, you possibly can embrace the enjoyment of the not understanding.”

And bear in mind — everybody goes via this nervousness. “We’re all on the lookout for connection and validation, and you may get that in a second with a textual content message,” Kitley says. If you possibly can attempt to take a breath, put your cellphone away, and reframe the nervousness in your mind, you’ll experience it out with out getting indignant at mother for getting your hopes up when she texts you rather than your crush. It’s not her fault okay? Give mother a break.

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