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My Guide on how you could get Rose Gold Hair

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)
Recently i have been doing rose gold hair as my month-to-month colour replace. i’ve been getting asked lots on my Instagram @biibiibeauty how i am getting my hair this color. I’ll be honest, this isn’t always a hair shade that lasts long. As it’s far this kind of smooth and mild shade that it washed out inside 3 weeks usually. So I have to update my color each month. but I do that inside the gentlest way possible, via using it as a stain or toner! I try this buy mixing my dyes in a 1:2 ratio. 1 being color and 2 being conditioner. The rose gold hair colour additionally gets left in my hair for a completely quick time frame. that is much less damaging and creates a softer appearance. more like a rose gold hair tint I wager.
ROSE GOLD HAIR TUTORIAL | How to Get Rose Gold Hair


Right here is my written guide on how you could get rose gold hair at domestic like I do.

Products USED
Hair coloration

Pearl Veil 6/ninety one blended with Platinum 77/eighty one
Platinum 7/eighty one

Rose 10/five
pink Veil 6/95 combined with Rose 10/five

Tsubaki harm Care Conditioner

i bought my shades on Gmarket right here. Written shopping manual bellow.

Shopping manual
First, you must make an account at Gmarket. Then continue with the stairs bellow after logging in.

visit the product web page right here.

the colours are written in Korean so here is what to do

click on pick out drop down menu then inside the drop down menu pick the second one line 6.
Then click 6/ninety one * Pearl Veil *
click on the drop down menu again to add another color.
Then click 6/95 * red Veil *
to add the subsequent shade, click the drop down menu again
Then click on search All, then click on previous.
Then click on the first 6 line
Then click 10/5
to feature the next color, click the drop down menu once more
Then click on seek All, then click on preceding
the clicking the number 7 line
Then click on 77/eighty one


All of the hues had been selected for buy.
Now click on buy Now. Then preserve with regular check out.
This product ships across the world to choose nations. you could check Eligible countries at the product web page.=====================================All colorations blended with half of & 1/2 ratio. added 1/2 ratio of LV 20 peroxide developer.combined ALL collectively then brought 12 pumps of conditioner to dilute the coloration for a softer appearance.A way to DYE HAIR manual

In 1 bowl mix Pearl Veil and Platinum in 1:1 ratio. AKA half pearl veil, half of platinum. The upload 1/2 peroxide to develop the coloration.
blend properly
Then add 12 pumps of ANY conditioner and mix properly.inside the 2d bowl, as you probably did before, blend red Veil and Rose in a 1:1 ration. Then upload half of peroxide to expand colour.mix all together then upload 12 pumps of ANY conditioner then mix nicely!follow the Pearl Veil & Platinum shade to the pinnacle of your head on dry hair. beginning from the roots and mixing 1/three the way down.
Then practice purple Veil & Rose bowl to the relaxation of the hair. ensure the rubdown the colors nicely into the hair and even use a comb to sweep thru.leave on for 10 to 15 minutes for a soft appearance. Then wash out the shade.
Your hair will now be tinted a tender rose gold shade!

ROSE GOLD HAIR TUTORIAL | How to Get Rose Gold Hair | BiiBiiBeauty


Your must now have rose gold hair similar to what i have on this video and my photographs. however you have to take into account that your hair shade desires to be bleached to a level 7 or eight which is a medium to light blonde. My hair turned into already a medium/mild blonde before I added my dyes. when you have brown hair, then please lighten you hair before attempting this educational. if your hair is not blonde, this educational will no longer work.

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