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Meet the ‘Armpit Vagina’: The Latest Body Part Women Are Supposed to Worry About

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

If you thought ridiculous magnificence requirements for girls peaked with the thigh hole, you’re going to need to sit down for this. (Or perhaps not, since sitting can create abdomen rolls, which we’re additionally not supposed to have.) Allow me to introduce the “armpit vagina.”

The alleged “armpit vagina” — also referred to as the “arm vagina” — is the fold of pores and skin fashioned when your arm is lowered towards your torso. Yes, that’s it. Basically, everybody with arms and a torso has it no matter dimension. It’s simply a type of issues that occurs when you’ve got a physique and is by no means irregular or ugly or deserving of its personal identify.

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Although the particular origin of this fake anatomical time period is fuzzy, many credit score Jennifer Lawrence for introducing it into the body-shaming lexicon when she used it throughout a SAG purple carpet interview in 2014. Thankfully, the thought didn’t actually choose up steam after that, however not too long ago acquired main publicity when Hollywood stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray talked about it in an interview with The Times on Nov. 29. Detailing how her A-list shoppers are at all times frightened about one physique half or one other, she mentioned that one which comes up so much is the “arm vagina.”

As Gaby Hinsliff identified in The Guardian, Corbin-Murray isn’t attempting to give girls a fancy about their arms; reasonably, she was highlighting the unattainable magnificence requirements set for girls in the leisure trade.

And on prime of every thing else, the time period “armpit vagina” is inaccurate and deceptive. The arm crease in query shouldn’t be a slim canal with the means to increase throughout penetration and childbirth. I consider the time period they’re searching for is “armpit vulva” or “armpit labia,” describing the exterior a part of the genitals.

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We’re already informed that our armpits are repulsive — that we have now to take each precaution to be sure they keep dry, scent recent and are hair-free. But even when we accomplish all that, we’d greatest not relaxation our arm too shut to our physique, as a result of then we’d run the threat of inadvertently recreating one other physique half that many individuals discover too heinous to even say out loud.

Nope. Repeat after me: This shouldn’t be a factor.

I for one refuse to dwell the remainder of my life (and even pose for pictures) as that golden robotic from Star Wars. And in case you take a look at a girl’s armpit and see a vagina, you want an anatomy lesson — and a brand new interest.

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