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If This Young Drag Queen Is The Future, We're Feeling Great About 2018

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)

Awesome. Amazing. Fun!

Out of all of the phrases within the English language, these would in all probability not be those most individuals would use to explain the type of yr they suppose is forward of them. After all, we’re creatures of sample, and if 2017 has ingrained something into most Americans, it’s that there is no such thing as a restrict to the quantity of shitty information that may occur in a day.

Desmond Is Amazing

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But for 10-year-old Desmond Napoles — often known as Desmond is Amazing to his drag fam — there may be solely optimism. When I ask him what he thinks 2018 will carry, he solutions in a waterfall of affirmations: “Crazy makeup. Amazing outfits that have to be made from hand. Expressing myself. Feeling powerful! When I grow up…I want to be exactly what I am right now.”

Though Desmond is younger, he’s been doing drag for eight years. “Ever since day one… ever since I was able to walk, I used to take my mom’s towels and take her heels and clomp around the house. [I’d] put the towel on my head, wrap a towel around my body and walk the runway down my house,” he defined to Out earlier this yr. In 2015, a video of him dancing at New York City’s Pride Parade went viral, and the remaining is historical past: He has been blessed by Ru Paul. He has precociously delivered heartfelt speeches. He has even received an award for his LGBTQ activism.

And but, he’s nonetheless very a lot your typical 10-year-old child. On set with photographer Parker Day, Desmond is a whirr of exercise, stomping between flower spires, contorting his face in entrance of the digital camera, and shifting his physique to the Richie Rich music enjoying via the audio system. “Drag can be a compartmentalized thing, whereas I love shooting people who embrace elements of drag as their everyday life. Desmond is a great inspiration to that,” says Day. “He’s so younger and so fearless. Play and be free, don’t take issues so severely.”

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For Desmond, life is about faculty, pals, and drag. His mom Wendylou Napoles helps him manifest the outfits he envisions (says Desmond about his fashion: “All my outfits are like desires.”). Wendylou tells me that 2017 has been arduous on Desmond, as he’s seen headlines within the information that threaten his LGBTQ group. (In the aforementioned Out interview he describes Trump as a “large loser” and says “folks ought to be capable of be free and let themselves categorical how they need, each time they need.”) “I’m Gen X — I’m more pessimistic,” Wendylou says. “But Desmond is really hopeful that there can be change in this world.”

So, as we head into 2018, let’s attempt to take into consideration our alternatives for constructive change quite than the setbacks we’ve suffered. And the subsequent time you want an affirmation to get you thru, let Desmond get you again on observe:

Awesome. Amazing. Fun!

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