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How to Perfectly curl your hair with a Hair straightener

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

Are you confused to Curl your hair with straightener? We thought so too, until we check  YouTube beauty Queen Camila Coelho tutorial. She makes this seem super simple.

Step 1: Comb/Brush your hair.

This makes easier to get smooth, pretty curls, and avoid tangles while using your straightener.


Step 2: Separate the top from the bottom.

Gather the upper  hairs into a small bun to section it off, then secure it with a hair tie to ensure you’ll be able to curl all your hair.

Step 3: Wrap a small section around the straightener.

Place the straightener close to the root, then twist your hair towards the back. Then, twirl the straightener until the end section of your hair is flipped downwards.

Note: Make sure you spritz a little heat protectant spray on your hair before this step — you don’t want to damage it, even in pursuit of the perfect curl.

Step 4: Pull downwards.

Now pull the Hair straightener down through your hair, all the way to the end.

Step 5: Repeat throughout your hair.

Continue curling all the hair throughout the bottom section, then let the rest of your hair down and curl it.

Step 6: Tease it for more volume.

If you want a little extra oomph with your curls, add volume by teasing sections of hair towards the crown of your head

Step 7: Tousle.

To make your hair look full and sexy, throw your hair to the front, shake it a bit and run your fingers through your curls to make them look more natural, then throw your head back.

Now your look is complete!

Check out Camila’s full tutorial —

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