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Emmy Rossum’s Pimple-Popping Horror Story Will Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

Emmy Rossum begs of you: Do not pop your pimples. The 31-year-old actress discovered the arduous method when she popped a pimple between her eyes and awoke with a narrative (and scab) that can hang-out her endlessly.

The “Shameless” star revealed her pimple-popping horror story to Glamour, by which she warned followers to maintain their fingers distant from their faces, lest they need to get up with a “third eye.” “Popping pimples. Don’t ever do it, it’ll just leave a scar. Do not do it,”Rossum stated.

Rossum’s pimple-popping story started the night time earlier than she began capturing her 2004 movie, “The Day After Tomorrow.” To be sure that she was camera-ready for her large day, she determined to pop an annoying pimple between her eyebrows. She adopted all of the steps: She put a heat towel on the blemish, she used Q-tips as an alternative of her fingers. But nonetheless, her efforts have been no match for the scab-creating devils.

“I just remember the night before I started shooting ‘The Day After Tomorrow, ‘I had a huge pimple right between my eyebrows. I put a warm cloth on it, I did everything right,” Rossum stated. “I used two little Q-tips to pop it, after which the following day I awoke and there was an enormous scab between my eyes. It appeared like I had a 3rd eye!

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Since then, Rossum has discovered to depart her pimples alone and allow them to die down on their very own. She warns followers towards making her similar mistake. “It probably would have been better if I had just left it alone,” Rossum stated. “Such is the case. It’s very tempting, you’ve gotta sit on your hands and leave it alone.”

Guess Rossum gained’t be visiting Dr. Pimple’s workplace anytime quickly. Does your pimple-popping horror story prime Rossum’s? Leave it, beneath.

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